These solutions to common issues provide information on which STP® products are best suited to help get any type of engine in any vehicle running at its top performance.

Tough Starts

Have you had to make several attempts to start your engine in the morning before it would finally run? This can be a symptom of a number of different problems including fuel intake system deposits.

We recommend:
STP® Super Concentrated Fuel Injector Cleaner
STP® Complete Fuel System Cleaner.

Knock & Ping

Do you hear a knocking or pinging sound coming from your engine especially when passing another car or accelerating up a hill? Combustion chamber deposits in your engine can cause this to happen.

We recommend:
STP® Octane Booster
STP® Complete Fuel System Cleaner.

Oil Leaks

Have you noticed oil spots on the ground under your engine or sometimes a smell and a little smoke coming out from under the hood of your car? You may have oil leaking from your engine gaskets and seals.

We recommend:
STP® High Mileage Formula Radiator Treatment & Stop Leak

Reduced Gas Mileage /Fuel Economy

Is your car’s gas mileage not what it used to be? Fuel injector/carburetor deposits are a common cause of this problem.

We recommend:
STP® Gas Treatment.

Lost Performance, Hesitation & Stalling

Does your car seem to have lost some of its performance? Does it at times hesitate and stall or have a tough time starting? These are all symptoms of fuel intake system deposits that can accumulate in your car’s fuel intake system over time.

We recommend:
STP® Complete Fuel System Cleaner
STP® Multipurpose Motor Treatment.

Rough Idle

Have you ever noticed that your engine doesn't idle quite as smoothly as it used to? A rough idle can be caused by fuel intake system deposit build up on the throttle plate in your fuel injected or carbureted engine.

We recommend:
STP® Super Concentrated Fuel Injector Cleaner.

Fuel Line Freeze

Has your car ever refused to start on a cold winter morning due to a frozen fuel line?

We recommend:
STP® All Season Water Remover to help prevent fuel line freeze. 

Groaning or Chattering Turns

Do you hear a groaning or chattering sound from under the hood when you turn the steering wheel sharply (e.g. when parking)? If so, you may be low on power steering fluid. Check the fluid level in the reservoir.

We recommend:
STP® Power Steering Fluid.

Need more help? Visit our Basic Maintenance Center.

We also strongly recommend that you have your vehicle checked by a qualified mechanic when your vehicle is not running at its top performance.