Reduces exhaust smoking and decreases metal-to-metal contact by providing a thick oil cushion.

Formulated To Help

  • Decrease Metal Contact

  • Stop engine leaks, noise and smoking

  • Reduces oil burning*

  • Fights metal-to-metal contact*

  • Helps quiet noisy valves and lifters*

Regular Use Helps: 

  • Reduces oil burning
  • Fights metal-to-metal contact
  • Hepls quiet noisy valves and lifters
  • Durable and fibrous wipes features a scrubby texture to remove built up grime

Usage Frequency: 

Between every oil change.

Available in 428 mL   


Oil burning and exhaust smoking occur when motor oil enters the combustion chamber and is burned along with fuel. This condition, known as oil blow-by, often results when friction and metal-to-metal contact have worn down parts and created gaps between the cylinder walls, piston rings, and valve guide seals.  STP® Smoke Treatment is specifically designed to reduce these problems.

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