STP® High Mileage Formula Oil Treatment

Specially formulated for vehicles with over 120,000 kilometres, STP® Oil Treatment fights friction and protects against engine wear.

Formulated To Help

  • Rejuvenate seals and gaskets

  • Stop engine leaks, noise and smoking

  • Provide a layer of protection for engine parts

Regular Use Helps: 

  • Decrease metal-to-metal contact
  • Reduce oil consumption
  • Cushion noisy valves and lifters
  • Fortify oil with viscosity enhancer
  • Stop minor oil leaks

Usage Frequency: 

Use every oil change

Treat Rate: 

443 mL bottle treats 4-5 litres

Take Note: 

STP® High Mileage Formula Oil Treatment is excellent for all cars, light trucks, and SUVs. Try the complete line of STP® Oil Additive products, including Oil Treatment, Engine Stop Leak and Smoke Treatment.

This high-viscosity formula is specially designed to help fight metal-to-metal friction in cars and light trucks with over 120,000 kilometres by providing a thick protective cushion between moving engine parts.

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