STP® European Vehicle Extended 50/50 Premixed Antifreeze/Coolant

STP® European Vehicle Extended Life 50/50 Premixed Antifreeze/Coolant is recommended for use in BMWMD, Mercedes-BenzMD, VWMD/AudiMD, SaabMD, VolvoMD, JaguarMD, MiniMD and PeugeotMD vehicles.

It meets or exceeds the performance specifications:

  • ASTM D-3306
  • D4985
  • JIS K2234

It uses Hybrid Organic Acid Technology (HOAT) for extended rust and corrosion protection. It protects against radiator freeze-up down to -37°C and boil over to 129°C (with a 100 kilopascal {15 psi} radiator cap in good condition).

When added as an initial fill and maintained in accordance with engine manufacturer’s maintenance recommendation, it provides up to 250,000 km or 5 years of service life protection.

For best results, do not mix with conventional high pH, phosphate, borate or silicate based antifreeze/coolant.