STP® Power Steering Fluid

Protects power steering systems year-round against wear and tear.

Formulated for high & low vehicles to help:

  • Protect Against Wear and Breakdown 

  • Stop Squeals 

Regular Use Helps: 

  • Protect against wear and pump breakdown caused by abnormal wear, oxidation and foaming
  • Performs even in sub-zero temperatures
  • Specifically designed for power steering units

Usage Frequency: 

As needed. Consult your owner's manual. 

Treat Rate: 

350 mL bottle. Add to maintain specified level of vehicle reservoir. Do not overfill. Consult owner's manual for fluid specifications. 

Take Note: 

Turn the engine off before using. Wipe power steering reservoir filler cap area clean and remove cap. Add STP® Power Steering Fluid to maintain specified level. Do not overfill

Today’s power steering systems require protection to keep vital parts operating over the wide range of summer and winter temperatures we experience in Canada. Specifically designed for power steering units, STP® Power Steering Fluid provides powerful year-round protection. 

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