STP® Ultra 5-IN-1 Diesel All Season Fuel System Cleaner (946mL)


Just one treatment helps clean, lubricate, and protect your entire diesel fuel system and improves performance.


Formulated To Help

  • Increase Lubricity

  • Save Fuel*

  • Inhibits Corrosion

  • Boosts Cetane

  • Prevents Fuel Gelling

  • *Helps save gas by deep cleaning entire fuel system

Regular Use Helps:

  • Clean the fuel system to restore lost power, smooth rough-running and improve fuel economy
  • Helps keep fuel-filters from plugging with wax and prevents fuel gelling down to -35C*
  • Boosts Cetane to help improve combustion
  • Improves lubricity to help prevent fuel pump wear
  • Inhibits rust and corrosion in the fuel system

Usage Frequency: 

  • To help save fuel, use every oil change or 6,000 kms. 
  • To prevent fuel gelling, improve lubricity, inhibit corrosion  and boost cetane, use every tank. 

Treat Rate:

946 mL bottle treats up to 504 litres

Take Note: 

STP® Ultra 5IN1 Diesel is suitable for Turbo Engines and Biodiesel Safe, for diesel cars, SUVs, and trucks

Also available in 354mL.

*Average results of 9 ULSD fuels.

What makes diesel's different? 

A diesel engine produces more particulate in the system as a result of combustion that can create deposits in the fuel system and can lead to reduced fuel economy and power. Short stop and go trips are more susceptible to this build-up of deposits, typically due to the diesel particulate filter not getting hot enough to regenerate.

Injectors are designed to deliver a precisely measured mist of fuel into the combustion chamber, but a dirty injector will disrupt this fine pattern into a coarse, intermittent stream, and can even restrict the flow of fuel to the engine.

Diesel fuels may form waxes or be contaminated with water that can plug the fuel filter. These conditions may result in poor starting, rough idling, poor combustion, hesitation or power loss under acceleration, stalling, loss of fuel economy and increased emissions.

In colder temperatures, the paraffins in diesel may form into gel that can, in severe cases, block the fuel filter and fuel line leading to poor starting or no starts.

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