STP® Small Engine Treatment + Octane


With regular use, STP® Small Engine Treatment will remove water, help restore performance, and boost the octane of your small engine.


Formulated To Help

  • Boosts Octane*

  • Helps Restore Performance*

  • Removes Water*

  • *With regular use.

Regular Use Helps: 

  • Reduces knocks and pings
  • Cleans dirty injectors and carburetors
  • Fights fuel line freeze by removing water

Usage Frequency: 

Can be used at every fill-up.

Treat Rate:

Pour entire contents into gas tank while filling. 60 mL bottle treats up to 25 L.

Take Note: 

STP® Small Engine + Octane Treatment is suitable for use in 2 & 4 stroke small engines and tools.


This travel-size single dose formula is perfect for weekend warriors in every season. Whether you ride a snowmobile in winter, a motorcycle in spring and summer and an ATV in the fall the STP® Small Engine Treatment + Octane gives your fuel an octane boost and more. 

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