STP® Racing Series Octane Booster


Just one treatment helps clean, lubricate, and protect your entire fuel system delivering maximum horsepower.  STP®’s most powerful formula made with MMT – Barely Street Legal.

Official Octane Booster of

Formulated To Help

  • Reduce Knocking & Pinging

  • Clean fuel injectors 

  • Increase Lubricity

  • MAXIMIZE Horsepower

Regular Use Helps:

  • Maximizes performance & horsepower
  • Reduces friction
  • Cleans fuel injectors to improve emissions
  • Helps remove power robbing deposits                        

Usage Frequency:

  • Use regularly when you fill up

Treat Rate:

  • 473mL bottle treats up to 68 L of gasoline.

Take Note!

Scientifically formulated to help maximize performance and eliminate the pre-ignition that can occur with lower octane

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