STP® Complete Fuel System Cleaner


One treatment cleans and protects your entire fuel system and improves performance.

Formulated To Help

  • Restore Peak Performance

  • Save Gas*

  • Inhibit Corrosion

  • Remove Deposits

  • *Helps save gas by deep cleaning entire fuel system

Regular Use Helps:

  • Restore lost power and acceleration
  • Reduce hard starts and engine hesitation
  • Lower emissions by reducing deposits
  • Reduce the need for higher octane fuel to stop knock and ping
  • Save gas by removing deposits throughout the fuel system

Usage frequency:

Use every oil change or 6,000 kilometres

Treat Rate:

155 mL bottle treats 79 litres

Take Note!

STP® Complete Fuel System Cleaner is safe for all gasoline engines.

This STP® formulation contains the second highest level of detergents of any STP® formula. It helps clean your entire fuel system to restore its optimum operating condition. The advanced formula helps clean fuel injectors, carburetors, intake valves and ports, combustion chambers, cylinder heads and piston tops. It contains jet fuel, a high-quality carrier of active ingredients.

On average, adding STP® Complete Full System Cleaner to a dirty engine, running only one tanks worth of fuel, cleans 60% from the intake valve deposits from the dirty engines. After treatment, injector flow has been restored to 95% of the original flow rate.



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