STP® Octane Booster


2-in-1 formula helps restore power by removing deposits and cleaning the fuel intake system while boosting octane.

Formulated To Help

  • Restore Peak Performance

  • Save Gas*

  • Reduce Knocking & Pinging

  • *Helps save gas by deep cleaning entire fuel system

Regular Use Helps:

  • Restore lost performance
  • Remove deposits which cause knock and ping, hesitation and stumble
  • Increase octane level in fuel system

Usage frequency:

Use regularly when you fill up

Treat Rate:

155 mL bottle treats 79 litres

Take Note!

STP® Octane Booster increases octane and cleans fuel intake system

Restore lost performance with this special 2-in-1 formula that cleans the fuel intake system and increases octane.

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